Active recreation in winter

Since 2007 a ropeway built in accordance to the international standards functions in Jermuk.  

The elevation is from 2100 to 2500 meters above sea level, and the length of alpine skiing track is 2620m.  There are also local rentals of high-quality ski equipment, snowboards and snowmobiles. Cafeterias are available at the intermediate stations of the ropeway, where it is very common to refresh oneself by delicious and healthy food for further recreational activities.  


Excursion program

The surroundings of the resort are rich of unique historical and architectural monuments. Among them is X century’s Gndevank, XIII century’s St. Astvatsatsin Monastery, XII century’s Noravank, XIII century’s Tanahat (Tanadeh) Monastery, and XIII century’s Tatev Monastry.

To these and other attractions excursions on comfortable buses are organized at any time of the year.

The indelible impressions on tourists also leave the beauties crafted by nature itself, such as well-known waterfalls and geysers of Jermuk.


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