Jermuk resort city is situated on south-west of Armenia, in the upper river Arpa. It is 173 km far from Yerevan. The area is at an altitude of 1980-2080 meters above  sea level.


You can get to Jermuk from Yerevan by highway – the road is kind of museum with monumental masterpieces of medieval architecture, fortresses and castles, the biblical Ararat view, and immense panorama of endless mountain chains and deep gorges.


The plateau where the town is located is surrounded with mountains 2500-3000 m high, covered with fresh Alpine vegetation and forests. The Arpa river, most full-flowing river of the republic, flows through the town. The deep gorge of Arpa divides into two parts both the town and the mountains of Vayots Dzor.


Predominance of sunny days, healing waters, mild climate, ultraviolet rays, rankness, moderate humidity and other conditions contribute Jermuk to be considered first-class health resort zone and recreational area. The air in Jermuk is absolutely pure, free of dust and full of flowers fragrance. The town climate is typically mountainous, summer is not very hot, and winter is long and snowy.


Average air condition:

in spring: +0.4 C

in summer: +15.3⁰ C

in autumn: +4.9⁰ C

in winter: -9⁰ C


The number of sunny days per year: 270-280


The amount of precipitation per year: 600 mm



Jermuk as both a resort zone and as a living area is as ancient as Vayots Dzor highland itself. Despite 13th century historian Stepanos Orbelian in his medieval manuscript has only mentioned Jermuk once in the list of tax-paying villages, nevertheless it is evidence that Jermuk was at the time more ancient and bigger, than the other villages of the region.


Up till now ruins of an ancient fortress, an unhewn stones, peculiar to ancient buildings and architectural monuments of this area, remain on the Jermuk territory. The fortress of Jermuk was built during the rule of the Artaxiad Dynasty in 189 B.C., but the settlement was established much earlier.


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